How Will Sydney Property Valuation Be In The Future

Fantastic yields. We are in the best suburbs. We are in the best streets. We are close to the best amenities.As that city’s population continues to grow, they’re going to become more and more popular despite the fact that Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, they’re more house cities than they resort of Melbourne, Sydney, where we’re quite comfortable in …Ben Kingsley I totally agree.

I think we’ve done a good summation of Brisbane. Brooklet at quickly Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. For me, Sunshine Coast, very much what I like about it is the vacancy rates are low, so yield is actually pretty good. So if you want that sort of property valuation report traditional yield place, so I used to call it regional. So if you’re chasing bit of yield and you want a better growth, just be really realistic that it will go and then flatten out. So unless they can get bigger industries into those particular areas.

will always sort of be that cyclical market and very easy to predict when it becomes scarce supply, shortage of vacancies and then you’ve got that sort of yield story, the investor sand the owner occupiers start dabbling into it a little bit and you see that value growth and then it stagnates.Same with the Gold Coast, same type of story. So both beautiful areas from a inconceivability of view but we will certainly be looking in those marketplaces this year.