How To Get People To Like Property Valuation Melbourne

Every other asset class because of leverage because you can borrow ninety-five percent of other people’s money to buy will say you can’t do that with any other asset in Australia and which is the reason why Write Australian for refines made simple in fact when I started writing my books the first book that I started writing was Australian real estate investing my temple which is a whole formula.

Recipe on how to build an structure large property portfolio fourteen thousand words into the book when I go into the finance section I actually realized the main thing was financed and the lack of financial literacy and I stopped writing this book and I went back to writing this book which is the first book that Should released because i believe the financial literacy is what’s holding my fuel back from building large well Andi going to go into a bit more detail this video exactly what that means this book will be coming.

out in hopefully I’ll will be procrastinating with this cookout I really want to get around finishing it it’s nearly finished anyway it’s just in the final stages of editing so that’s something that I’m writing I’m also doing the Australian forfeiture diligence made simple book which will bout in and the riddle state millionaire mentor book which will bout in give or take a year or two which is really cool and the reasons I’m writing all these books like is because I want to educate investors out there and empower.

Them to give them the tools to understand how to create true wealth and I mean well that will multi generational wealth let’s just become wealthy you know making million dollars or half a million dollars I’m talking about real well that’s that’s there for life replacing your income and also having the ability and empowering people to change the paradigms of their children because effectively the school system has let up down you know I mean unfinished business.